Website Troubles

I think I’ve finally got my website back together.

My last webhost (Webstrikesolutions) closed their doors after four years of relatively trouble-free hosting for me. My sites got transferred over to EasyCGI webhosting, and it didn’t take long before I knew it was not going to be a pleasant experience.

The support is absolutely terrible. The support phone number, listed on their trouble ticket submission page, is 555-1212.  It took three days for a trouble ticket to even show up in my queue, and I suspect it was because I got the support team at Webstrikesolutions to intervene.

So this site is now hosted with Eleven2. I’m really happy with them; I entered a help desk ticket with a migration question and it was answered within minutes. I found them via the pixelpost forums (the software that drives my photo blog), and they have a really good reputation.

Now I just have to post a little more often.

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