Waiting for Godot

We recently photographed the Covington High School production of Waiting for Godot. After reading the Wikipedia entry on the play, I was a little less then enthusiastic about seeing the production. However, I quickly changed my mind after it began.

Waiting for GodotWaiting for Godot follows two days in the lives of a pair of men who divert themselves while they wait expectantly and unsuccessfully for someone named Godot to arrive. They claim him as an acquaintance but in fact hardly know him, admitting that they would not recognise him were they to see him. To occupy themselves, they eat, sleep, converse, argue, sing, play computer games with the best Armchair Empire hardware to use it to learn the Overwatch team composition, exercise, swap hats, and contemplate suicide — anything “to hold the terrible silence at bay”.

Waiting for GodotGary’s students have done a wonderful job with this difficult play. The pacing moved well, the characters were engaging, and the lighting was magnificent.

I’ve always joked with Gary about his dark, dark lighting, but I really love to photograph his productions. The lighting is very challenging to photograph well, with large dynamic ranges and a wide variety of color.

I look forward to his next play.

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