September has 30 of ‘em: Day 18


The Shoe Shot.

Get a free shoe shot session if you book before September 30 and take your images before October 31st.







The deals so far…

Day 1: Half price senior sessions extended to December 31st! In order to get this price, you’ll need to schedule and pay for your session before September 30.

Day 2: Another for the seniors, and specifically for the class of 2011. Did you miss your chance to get a digital keychain with all your ordered images? From now until September 30th, you can get one for only $35! Give us a call to order.

Day 3: Be the first on your block to get your very own PWP Ball Cap! $5 off until September 30. You can order online at our e-commerce site (, use coupon code30days3), or if you’re local, stop by the studio and place your order to save on shipping costs.

Day 4: $10 off any 5×7 or 8×10 cut-out statue. Great for cheerleaders, sports and dancers!

Day 5: Free in-studio family sessions! Book your session in September and take your photos anytime up through the end of November, and your family session is free!

Day 6: 50% off any one restoration item! Have an old photo that you’d like restored? Still have any Katrina damaged photos that you just can’t bear to part with? Bring it in, let us give you a quote, and you only pay half of that! Expires September 30.

Day 7: Theatre Headshots are 50% off! Schedule and pay for your session in September and take them before October 31 to qualify.

Day 8: One of our reasons for doing this sale in September is because it’s a great time to get all those "oooh, I want that but not right now" items from previous sessions in time for the Holidays! So today we are offering an excellent Holiday gift – mousepads for just $15! Call, email or fb to order.

Day 9: 2011 Seniors! If you purchased a Collage, you can get a second, framed print of it for only $150! (That’s $75 off the regular "second copy" price!!!) Call, email or fb to order – it would make a great gift for grandparents!

Day 10: 25% off all our theatre images. You can see and order them here: Use code30days10.

Day 11: In honor of Patriot Day, today we’d like to offer a free session in your uniform on our flag backdrop to all Military, ROTC, Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Workers and First Responders. Schedule your session by September 30th to take your images before October 31st.

Day 12: Story Metals! Story Metal creates an extraordinary display that will “tell a story.” One or more metal panels are mounted a half inch on top of another to create this distinctive product. Complete with rounded corners and hanging brackets, Story Metal is an exceptional way to showcase your images. New at PWP! Save 25% off any Story Metal until September 30.

Day 13: $5 off your homecoming photos if you pre-register at our Express Lane. More information on our website here

Day 14: Have we already taken your theatre program photo? If so, from now until September 30 you can get the image formatted as a headshot on a CD, with a print release, for $35 ($15 off the regular price of $50).

Day 15: Bracelets! Crystal bracelets come with a 2 pose charm (additional charms can be added) and normally sell for $25, $15 if added to a package. Stretch bracelets, with a one pose charm, normally sell for $15, $10 with a package. This month, get the crystal bracelet for $12 or the stretch for $8.

Day 16: The PWP backpack bag! $10 until September 30.

Day 17: 25% off prints from Mardi Gras balls and parades! Info here.

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