September has 30 of ‘em: Day 13


Want homecoming pix?

Want to save some time and money while getting pix on our new Fleur-de-Lis backdrop?

If you pre-register at our Express Lane (, not only will you save time when you get here, but you’ll save $5 off your pictures!

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the form at our Express Lane before noon on the day of your dance.
  • We’ll fill out the form for you with all your contact information.
  • When you get here, look for the Express Lane sign, and skip the group of people filling out forms.
  • Tell us who you are and what package you’d like.
  • Pay and go take your photos!

Remember, you must fill out the Express Lane form before noon on the day of your dance to get the $5 discount. Don’t wait until the last minute!  (if you’ve already filled one out, you’ll still get the discount!)

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