Selene Ball

It’s already started. Mardi Gras is coming.

Selene Queen Last weekend, we photographed the first event of the season, the Selene Ball. This is last year’s Queen, as she greeted the Krewe.

It was a lot of work, hundreds of images and lots of fun, but the best part of the evening was dinner at Drago’s, and my introduction to charbroiled oysters.dragos


Wow! These were amazing! They put them on the grill, slather them with parmesan cheese and garlic butter, and let the fire blaze up over them.

We sat at the oyster bar and watched the fire blazing and oyster shucking. The sizzle of the oysters and the smell of garlic butter was enough to almost make me drool. The cook gave us one to try, and we immediately ordered a dozen (and could have eaten many more).clarinet

Of course, with such dramatic cooking techniques (fire up to the ceiling), we photoswapped the entire time we weren’t stuffing our faces.

We may have to go back before next year’s ball.

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