Program Photo Outtakes


We shot program headshots for “Ragtime” the other night. The cast was huge, and we found ourselves with some down time while we waited for some actors to arrive. So, of course, we had to play. And Elmo had to join in the fun.

We’ve got a pretty good process for program photos (which we provide to Slidell Little Theatre at no charge). Actors come in, take 2-4 images which are immediately transferred via WiFi to our viewing station, pick out an image, and they’re done. All in all, less than five minutes per actor, usually considerably less. In theory.

In practice, especially in the shows with younger actors, the viewing room tends to get a little crowded, since everybody wants to see everybody else’s images.

We don’t mind. We like to make it a fun experience, like we do all our photo shoots.


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