Military Deployments and Graduations



If you have ever been through a military deployment, there are no words to explain how hard it is to send a loved one off to some foreign, dangerous land, leaving you all behind…. Alone. Or to be the one deployed, away for months and months at a time, missing all the important milestones in your family’s life.

SageWe know what it’s like. We’ve been there, done that.

So to honor your commitment to your country and to all those you leave behind, we’d like to offer you a free session to capture images of you and your family before you leave.

And with our 10% military discount, you can choose from any of our products to display these treasured images. Many of our soldiers and sailors choose to take a mini-album with them, displaying a variety of images of their family in a small album with a sturdy cover.


We also offer a free session and 10% discount to military members graduating from a service academy or boot camp. Graduation is just the start of your career and service, and is one of the milestones you’ll always remember.

Give us a call to schedule your deployment or graduation session today.



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