Mardi Gras at Greenbriar

Greenbriar-3518 Last night, we photographed the Mardi Gras Ball at the Greenbriar Community Care Center, where many of our senior citizens live. This was a very special event for a lot of them — the King said, “This is the happiest night of my life!”

The “floats” were decorated cardboard boxes that rested on the wheelchairs, and all the walkers had strings of beads handing from every side. The staff of Greenbriar spared no effort in creating a festive atmosphere.

Bayou Liberty Jazz Band

I really enjoy working an event where people are relaxed and having fun.

Our favorite band, the Bayou Liberty Jazz Band, was on hand to provide music. We were expecting 2-4 inches of snow (we were afraid the event might be canceled!) and a short iPhone clip of their tribute to the weather is below.

The Grand Marshal, Ms. Francis, was celebrating her 104th Mardi Gras!

Ms. Francis celebrating her 104th Mardi Gras The King and Queen dancing with relatives.

I’ve also posted a portrait of the King and Queen on my photo blog.

Here is the Bayou Liberty Jazz Band (recorded on my iPhone):

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  1. Do you have any other shots from this night? My fiance’s father resided there at that time and passed away May 5th. We were wondering if he may be in any of your shots.

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