Closed stores and empty shelves

Things are better now. Things always get better. Most of the time.

It was a major pain in the butt to evacuate, and it’s going to have to be a pretty severe storm barreling down on us to do it again. Gustav didn’t cause any damage at all to us, although a friend of mine has a tree through her roof.

We lost power for about three days, so we had to throw out all the food from our refrigerator and freezer. We had food to eat when we came back, but it was hurricane food (crackers, peanut butter, old MREs, bottled water, etc.).

photoThe worst part, though, is the closed stores and empty shelves in the stores that actually are open. Yes, it was annoying when we needed something (like real food), but even worse was the memories it brought back.

Memories of Katrina. It was not a pleasant time.

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