Sneak Peek: Jennica

Jennica and mural

I’ve been taking photos of Jennica since she was 13, so it was lots of fun to take her senior photos.

Most of her images were taken outside. It was bitterly cold, with a wind chill of 24 degrees. She didn’t mind (much), and even wore a short dress for some of the locations!

This first image was taken in Olde Towne, in front a mural painted by some friends of ours, Milo and Mickey Asche.  We’ve been wanting to come see the mural, and this was a wonderful opportunity.

The second image (Jennica is special; she gets two sneak peeks) was taken on a lonely country road near our house. The wind was blowing hard, creating what we called “beautifully messy hair”.

Jennica's messy hair

It was a very fun day.

Sneak Peek: Jacqueline


We were taking some photos in the forest (the last outdoor session in the old studio!), and Jacqueline spotted this mushroom. “I love mushrooms”, she said. So, of course, we had to take a photo of her and the mushroom.

Sneak Peek: Rebekah


One of my favorites parts of sessions that have this pose is to dump an entire bag of rose petals on the model.

I get such a kick out of the little things in life.

Sneak Peek: Sara


Sara’s sneak peek.

We’ve decided to call this style of image “Hot Shots”, and it will be available in a framed 10×20 or 15×30.