iPhone Photo Editing

n758168790_1979310_4130981The best camera is the one that’s with you.

I’ve been taking lots more photos with my iPhone than with either my G9 or my 40D. It’s always with me. I read with it, I text with it, I keep track of my calendar and to-do list with it, I surf the internets and play games with it, and every once in a while I even use it as a phone.

But I’ve really been enjoying using it as a camera lately, and that’s due partly to some of the really cool photo editing apps and special effects programs available for the iPhone.

I have an entire page on my phone dedicated to the best trail camera and photo apps (and part of another dedicated to the ones I’ve tried and just don’t like).

3571904988_7968d9a20f_o They include: Photogene, Photo fx, PhotoForge, FastCamera, FotoTimer, QuadCamera, NightCamera, Flickit, Mobile Fotos, Picture Safe, Panorama, CameraBag, FocalLab, CinemaFX and DSLRemote. I’ve been experimenting with all of them, and some are really, really powerful. It’s amazing that you can do this sort of editing on a phone.

PhotoForge is almost like a mini version of Photoshop: curves, noise reduction, unsharp mask, cloning. All that is possible using PhotoForge.

CameraBag, and CinemaFX are simple filter effects programs that produce some very nice results. I’m really getting into the Holga and Lomo looks.  Photo fx, by Tiffen, is a little more advanced and customizable.

None of these apps cost me over $10, and most were under $3. Definitely worth it for the fun I’m having.

PPLA Spring Seminar

image1990103086.jpgToday starts the PPLA Spring Seminar in Marksville. We checked in, decided the afternoon session didn’t grab us, and went to the pow wow that is ending today.

Of course, I thought I’d be in seminars all day and gambling all night, and there’s not much else in Marksville besides the casino, so I didn’t bring my camera.

When will I ever learn.

I did have my baby camera with me (a Canon G9), but it was still a little frustrating. These photos were actually taken with my iPhone. I’ve got a G9 photo up here.

Photography seminars always spark my creative energy. So does seeing new things, new places, new people.

Lesson learned. The camera comes with me.

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iPhone Photography

“Cell phone camera quality” used to be the standard phrase for sub-standard photography. And even now, the nay-sayers complain about the iPhone’s camera: it’s only 2Mp, there’s no zoom and no flash.

But for me, it’s just another reason to love my iPhone. I don’t need the highest quality glass and controls; that’s what my DSLR is for. I need a camera that I can take with me wherever I go, and I always have my iPhone.

I used to carry my Canon G9 with me, and I still do every once in a while. But it’s no where near as slim as my iPhone, and I can’t just slip my G9 into my jeans pocket.

But how’s the image quality?

First, I would say that any image taken with the iPhone is vastly superior to no image at all. And if you don’t have a camera with you, you’re going to miss the image.

IMG_0159r That being said, I’m very happy with the quality of the images from the iPhone. This image was taken on the balcony of my cruise ship stateroom, when my DSLR was fogged from being in a cold room.

Of course, an experienced photographer can take a good photo with any camera, just as most anyone can take a bad photo with the most advanced camera.

If you need inspiration or examples, there are several Flickr groups devoted to iPhone photography. To see some of the best imagery from the iPhone’s camera, though, check out the iPhone Photography Awards 2008 Winners.