Glass Slide Restoration

We had a client bring in a worn and damaged glass slide, taken somewhere in the far east in 1946. She requested minimal restoration – she just wanted to see what the image looked like.

This is what we were able to do for her.


Studio Prop & Equipment Sale

We’ll be having a studio garage sale on Sunday, September 14th and Monday, September 15th from 10am to 5pm. We have backdrops, props, equipment, frames, artificial flowers and more for sale. It’s time to clean out what we rarely use and make room for more.

Some of what we have for sale; we have much more than listed or pictured here. We’re still pulling stuff out and pricing things.

  • Padded Prayer Kneeler – $150
  • Silver Posing Pipes – $100
  • Baby Posing Bean Bag – $150
  • Elmo table
  • Princess table
  • Misc baby props
  • Misc baskets
  • Misc posing furniture
  • Antique Window frame / screen door
  • White rope swing
  • Bamboo ladder
  • Misc costumes
  • Misc stools & furniture
  • Canon WT-E3A (wifi transmitter for 40D and 50D) – $200
  • Manfrotto mini video head – $35
  • Manfrotto pistol grip head – $35
  • Acratech Ball head and plate
  • Antique/vintage cameras
  • LCD Projector
  • Epson 2200
  • Lightbox
  • Projection Screen
  • Credit card terminal
  • Frames, multiple sizes and styles
  • Xerox Phaser 8550
  • Camera bags




Sizes listed are approximate.

Window Shutters
rolled canvas on wooden mount
Black muslin
Blue / Gray Mottled Muslin
Scenic Muslin
Pueblo Canvas
Brown/Yellow/Orange Double Hotspot
Heavy Muslin
Gray/Pink Mottled Muslin
Beige Mottled Muslin
Sunset Swamp Canvas
Blue/Brown/Purple Mottled Muslin
Tie Dye Muslin

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

We’re excited to invite all our friends and clients to the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class we will be hosting soon, and ask you to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.

As you may know, Paul used to have a “paycheck job” – he would work at Southeast LA Hospital all day and join Julie at the studio evenings and weekends. In November 2011, a client told us we should consider taking FPU to help us get our finances in shape to someday have Paul at the studio full time. We signed up to be emailed when a class started in Slidell, but since the class was being revamped it was July 2012 before we were notified.

On a Wednesday, we got the email that a class would be starting in August. On Thursday, we signed up for the class. Friday afternoon, we found out that Southeast Hospital would be closing by the end of the year and that Paul would be laid off during the Christmas holiday. “Full time at the studio” was suddenly no longer a dream but a scary reality. Getting our finances in order was no longer an interesting concept but a vital necessity.

FPU taught us how to tell our money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Knowing that millions of people have used Dave’s methods successfully, we were able to accept that we did not have to reinvent the wheel. It was nerve-wracking at first to realize how much trouble we could be in once there was no regular paycheck, but a huge relief to have a plan to avoid that trouble before it could happen.

We talk often about how amazing the timing was for the universe to hit us over the head and say “pay attention to your money right now.” We believe that if we had not taken the class when we did, PWP would no longer be in business. After the first couple months, we would have had to close and go back to the “paycheck” world. Instead, we approach the Fall having made it through our two “low” months with savings to spare. We are here for the long haul, and Dave Ramsey is to thank for it.

We are so excited to host a Financial Peace University class and have the opportunity to share something that has truly changed our lives. The nine-week class will run Monday evenings at 6:30 from August 11th through October 6th. You can visit for more information. There will also be a preview class on July 28th at 6:30 pm. Sign up for the class here:

We hosted this class last year, and 12 people together eliminated over $45,000 worth of debt during the nine week class!

Registration is $93 (which goes to Dave, not us), and includes a membership for you and your spouse, access to the online resources and tools, a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money book, FPU Class workbook, FPU Envelope System, FPU Progress Chart and more.

We hope to see you there.

Where did my images go?

Yesterday, a client asked me if I could copy some photos from the SD card on her phone. Her phone was no longer able to read the card, and it had some photos of her recently deceased mother that she desperately wanted to save.

Today, I had to tell her there was nothing I could do.

I tried. I spent hours trying different things. But, in the end, I had to give up. I’m going to send her to an IT company to try next, but it brings up an issue near and dear to my heart. Where was the backup? Most people, unless they’ve lost data at some point, have no idea that they need to backup their images and data.

NCI_Kaypro_SSDDAs a photographer, I’m in the business of preserving memories. Memories of family, of friends, of special events on our lives. And the best way to do that with a photograph is to print it. Imagine handing your grandchildren an 8 inch floppy disk, your only copy of your wedding pictures. What will they do? CDs and DVDs are rapidly being phased out of newer computers. What will you do with that CD in 10 years?

When people have to evacuate because of a natural disaster, what’s the first thing they take, after they make sure the family is safe? Photo albums.

Print what you want to keep.

"But what happens when another Katrina comes and destroys all my photos?"

That’s where your backup comes in. If my client had enabled the automatic upload feature provided by Google+ or Dropbox or iCloud or several other apps, she would have copies of all the images she’d taken online. It’s automatic. You don’t have to remember, you don’t have to start it. It just happens.

If she’d copied the data to her computer, she’d have another copy there. And if she backed up her computer, she’d have yet another copy.

"But backing up my computer is hard."

I use Crashplan. $5 a month and unlimited storage. I like it the best of all the cloud backup options, but it’s certainly not your only choice.  Install the program, and it will automatically back up your files and photos in the background. You don’t have to remember to back up your computer; it does it for you. Granted, that initial backup takes a long time if you have a lot of photos and a slow connection, but there’s no time like the present to start.

What will you do when all your digital images disappear?

Website go boom.

I’ve rebuilt most of the info pages, and I’m working on the old blog posts. You may still see some broken links of images until I get this fixed.