Bulk Scanning

Do you have dozens of photo albums full of 4×6 prints? Is it too many to take with you when you evacuate?

We offer a bulk scanning plan for your prints. Let us digitize your albums and shoeboxes full of photos. You’ll have a backup in case anything ever happens to your albums, plus you can share your memories easily online! We’ll provide your images on a CD, DVD or flash drive.

Some other scanning services send your images to India to be digitized. At PWP, your precious memories never leave our office. They will never be lost in the mail or thrown into a cargo hold for a weeks-long transit with goods shipped overseas.

Are you also interested in 35mm slide scanning? We don’t currently offer that, but if there’s enough interest, we’ll invest in the professional equipment necessary to create high-quality images for you. Let us know you’re interested.


There is an initial setup charge for each job, plus a per print fee. The initial quote will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of images scanned.

Initial setup charge (covers up to three standard albums or one medium box of photos): $50


  • 4×6 or smaller: $0.85 per print
  • 5×7 or 8×10: $1.15 per print


  • High-resolution scan: add $0.50 per print
    A normal scan is 400 dpi, more than enough for printing at the same size or slightly larger. Most people won’t need a higher resolution (800 dpi) scan.
  • Basic color correction: add $0.25 per print

Prints larger than 8×10, scanning higher than 800 dpi or prints that are damaged will be priced according to our restoration pricing. If your album has prints that cannot be removed or scanned in place, you will be contacted with a new quote before work continues. Photos must be loose or in album sleeves, not mounted.

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