The Worldwide Photowalk

Tomorrow, Julie and I are going on our first (official) photowalk. This event, sponsored by NAPP and Scott Kelby is being held in 236 cities in 45 countries. Over 7500 hundred photographers have signed up, and there are over $5000 in great prizes for the best photographs.


What is a photowalk? It’s nothing more than a group of photographers talking a walk and taking photos. At the end of the walk, you get together and share your different visions and images of what you saw. It’s a great chance to get together and socialize with other photographers and just have some fun. After all, isn’t this why we all got into photography? Because we like to take photos?

20070311105006_pwood-30d-070110-6392Julie and I try to go on photowalks (by ourselves) as often as we can, and almost always do it in every new place we visit. We’ve also gone on photo "field trips" with our local club. But this is our first chance to spend some time with people we’ve never met, and have some fun taking photos. We can’t wait!

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