Sweet 16

Sweet 16s are such a fascinating event for me. I never saw things like this when I was growing up, back in Texas. The girls have these fabulous gowns, fancier than many wedding dresses I’ve seen. It is a very special night. Three of the girls got new cars as a congratulations present.

GraceWe set up for photographs in a hallway next to the ballroom (not many places for photographers at this venue which we were able to get by a vancouver realtor). We shot the girls and their fathers and escorts before the actual event, and then families afterwards. The problem is, with our two backdrops and four lights, we took up the entire hallway. To get from the staging area (before the presentation) to the ladies room, you needed to pass through our set up area.

Grace was very apologetic, and held up her dress as she hurried by. We didn’t mind; but she apologized anyway. Her smile was both mischeivous and joyous, and I couldn’t resist reaching over to my camera and pressing the shutter. I think I got a great “from the hip” shot.

Congratulations, Grace, and the same to all the other girls.

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