New Orleans Photowalk

We had a great time on our photowalk. There were a little over 20 people that made it; almost 50 had signed up, and the rest missed a great morning.

080823-2169A few of us started on the Canal street ferry about 6am for sunrise photos. While the sunrise wasn’t spectacular, we did get some nice shots of ships on the river and the skyline of New Orleans.


photowalk-mapI carried my PhotoTrackr with me, and I was able to geotag all my images for the day. This map shows our route and where I took photos (pretty much the entire way.





After we got off the ferry, we had about an hour before the photowalk officially began in the Garden District, so Julie and I walked around the mall for a little while (taking photos of the mirrors, lighted elevators, escalator blurs, and the colorful displays), then made our way down to St. Charles to catch the street car.


080823-2462 After we met up with the group, we wandered the Garden District for a couple of hours, spending about half of that in Lafayette Cemetery Number 1. The houses, architecture and gardens (it’s the Garden District!) were gorgeous, and I’m sure many people were surprised to see an army of photographers aiming expensive lenses at their house.

080823-2613 After that, we caught the street car again towards the French Quarter. We wandered around there for a couple of hours, until we were just too hot and tired to walk anymore. We had lunch at the Courtyard Marriott, where we talked about some of the things we saw and photographed, and shared some of our images with a projector.

It was a very fun day; I’m glad we went.

Our group is uploading our best images to a Flickr group: nolaphotowalk. Once I finally go through all of mine, I’ll also be creating my own set on my Flickr page.

If you ever get a chance to go on a photowalk (or organize your own!), it’s great fun.  So get out and photograph something!

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