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Smith, Quintan-9041Quintin, the pastor at the Light of the Lord church here in Slidell, came to us a while back with a request: to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Laura. She had always dreamed of being proposed to in the snow, and he was determined to make that happen.

We live in south Louisiana. We don’t get much snow down here. But he made it work.

He spent days creating a clearing and a path in the woods near his father’s chicken farm. His chainsaw broke two trees in, and he had to chop the rest by hand. He bought an artificial snow machine and ran power out to the newly created clearing. He spent the evening before the proposal laying tarps, creating the snow, and making all the preparations, working late into the night lit only by flashlight.

In the morning, he invited Laura to breakfast with his father, and preparation for the spending the day together. She knew it would be a special day, she just didn’t realize it would start quite so early.

After we arrived and got into position, he told Laura to come quickly; there was a deer giving birth out in the woods. She ran quickly with him, struggling to delete photos on her iPhone so that she would have space for more.

And then they arrived at the clearing.

The snow was magical to watch; we’re not used to this sort of thing.

Smith, Quintan-9072

Quintin kneeled in the snow to propose. He had a prepared script, but he was so nervous he couldn’t get through all of it.

Smith, Quintan-9076

Smith, Quintan-9089

But of course, she said “yes”.

Smith, Quintan-9137

Smith, Quintan-9148 Smith, Quintan-9151 Smith, Quintan-9165

Of course, since it’s snow, you’ve gotta make snow angels.
Smith, Quintan (J)-8736

And have a snowball fight.
Smith, Quintan-9198Smith, Quintan-9218
And then making up is funSmith, Quintan-9238
It was a magical morning.
Smith, Quintan-9239

These are a lot of work, but they really do turn out nice.




Congratulations for Mayor Freddy Drennan and his bride Glenda, who eloped last week for a small, private ceremony.



Today marks the 107th birthday for Miss Frances!

We celebrate Mardi Gras every year with her at Greenbriar Community Care Center, where she leads the parade.

Happy Birthday, Miss Frances. May you have many more.



Leblanc,-Lauren-Chalmette-5948RWe had a great time with Lauren’s senior session. We spent part of it at Chalmette Battleground; it was my first time there.
Won’t be my last, it’s a great place to visit!



We got some awesome photos and had a lot of fun with Linsey!